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Payment Page | Best Payment Plugin for Stripe & PayPal

Payment Page | Best Payment Plugin for Stripe & PayPal


Payment Page is the easiest way to accept online payments. Get started by connecting your payment gateway, choosing a fully-customizable template, and within minutes you’ll be accepting payments.


  • Connect Stripe or PayPal to start accepting one-time or recurring subscription payments. Import a template and start selling in less than 60 seconds.


How to Set up Payment Page in Less than 60 seconds


  • Easy setup process – you’ll be collecting any kind of payment you want in just a few quick steps (via Stripe Connect).


  • Put the power of online payments in your hands and make your end-user experience a breeze so you can maximize sales and conversions.


  • Customize every design detail of your payment page with our powerful Elementor widget. More page builders coming soon!


  • Implement the best security practices to protect your customers along with the most reliable way to use a payment form. The form is 100% 3D Secure SCA compatible.


  • Perfect for any size company, including Enterprise, SaaS/Software, mid-size companies, and freelancers or independent contractors looking to accept payments online for their services.


  • Get red-carpet support from the Gaucho Plugins team for both free and paid versions – you can even book a call with us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  • Offer any currency or subscription frequency with filters that allow your customers to choose the perfect plan for their needs. (Personal Plan)


  • Let your customers choose how much to pay based on their invoice amount or self-selecting for donations. Customers can even choose recurring payment options. (Personal Plan)


  • Automatically prefill form fields when visitors land on your payment page by adding simple query string parameters. (PRO Plan)


  • Using simple POST requests, you can send form data to any external URL to automate your payment flow with a SaaS, mobile app, and more. (PRO Plan)


  • Initiate any custom action you’d like with developer-friendly triggers. (PRO Plan)

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Here’s a few examples of how Payment Page can be used:


A web design agency can use Payment Page to accept monthly subscription payments for their website maintenance fees.


A designer can use Payment Page to accept one-time payments from clients who pay different amounts per project.

Flower Shop

A flower shop can use Payment Page to sell packages or custom arrangements online instead of using in-person payments.


A consultant can use Payment Page to create a professional page with their photo, bio, and payment form for custom payment amounts.

Non-Profit Organization

A non-profit organization can use Payment Page to accept pre-defined amounts or custom donation amounts.



Stripe payments are fully enabled, including all the payment methods below:
Free Plan:
* Credit & Debit Cards
* SEPA Direct Debit
* Google Pay
* Apple Pay
* Microsoft Pay
* Alipay
* WeChat Pay
Personal Plan:
* ACH via Plaid


PayPal one-time payments are fully enabled, including all the payment methods below depending on your buyer’s country:
Free plan:
* PayPal Standard Checkout
Personal Plan:
* Credit & Debit Cards
* Pay Later
* Venmo
* Bancontact
* eps
* giropay
* Mercado Pago
* MyBank
* PRzelewy24



  • One-time Payments – Accept one-time payments for products, services, or donations.
  • Custom Payment Amounts – Let customers choose how much to pay.
  • 3 Customizable Templates – 3 fully customizable templates to get you started. As we add more page builder support, the variations will be included. Elementor is supported now.
  • Multi-Currency Support – Accept payments in any currency of your choice.
  • All Supported Payment Gateways – Stripe and PayPal are currently supported with more coming soon.
  • Payment Confirmation – Display a message or redirect users for payment confirmation.
  • All Stripe Supported Payment Methods – Cards, SEPA Direct Debit, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, WeChat Pay, and Alipay. More coming soon based on demand.


  • Subscription Payments – Accept subscription payments for daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or custom payment frequencies.
  • Full Access to All Templates – Choose from any of our current and upcoming Payment Page templates.
  • Currency & Subscription Filters – Allow customers to filter between various currency and subscription frequency options.
  • Custom Fields – Unlimited custom fields to capture additional data.
  • Email notifications – Send customizable email notifications to customers and website admins for each payment. [IN BETA]
  • All PayPal Supported Payment Methods – PayPal Standard Checkout flow. More coming soon, based on demand.
  • ACH via Plaid – Take advantage of the Stripe + Plaid integration.


💙 About the Payment Page Team

Payment Page is part of Gaucho Plugins, a leading plugin development brand. Our payment plugin uses the latest best practices in the payment ecosystem, with security and ease of use at the forefront of our approach. The Gaucho Plugins team includes developers, designers, support reps, and marketing professionals dedicated to serving people in the WordPress space since 2011. Use Payment Page knowing you can trust the plugin and the team behind the plugin.

🤝 Get Involved

💻 Contribute to Payment Page

This plugin is proudly open source (GPL license) and we’re always looking for more contributors. Whether you know another language, can code like no one’s business, or just have an idea, we would love your help and input.

Here’s a few ways you can contribute to Payment Page:

  • Take a look at the Payment Page GitHub repository to learn more about what issues we’re tackling and how the project is developing. If you’ve never worked with Github before, learn about pull requests here and submit one for Payment Page, we’d love to give you our feedback.

  • Translate Payment Page into your native language. The best place to do that is by creating an account on wordpress.org and choosing any of our translation projects. When you’ve submitted at least 95% of Payment Page’s strings, the language moderators will review and approve your translations, and then they will be available to all WordPress users in your native language. If you are interested in translating for our paid plugin, contact us, and we’d be happy to consider chatting about that.


  • Freelancer Payment Page Template
  • Consultant Payment Page Template
  • Non-profit Payment Page Template
  • Payment Gateway Settings
  • Import Templates


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • MariaDB version 10 or later
  • Some payment gateways require fsockopen support (for IPN access)
  • cURL version 5.40 or higher
  • An SSL certificate — required.

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Payment Page, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click “Add New”.

In the search field type “Payment Page” and click Search Plugins. Once you have found the plugin, you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Then, you’ll be redirected to the Quick Setup Process to begin connecting your payment gateway and importing templates.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.


How do I use Payment Page?

Once you’ve activated the Payment Page plugin, you’ll be directed to a Quick Setup process to connect your payment gateway. Then, you can select a Payment Page template based on your business needs. Customize the template as you choose, and you’ll be accepting payments in minutes.

What is the best WordPress payment plugin?

There are many plugins available to receive payments on your WordPress site. We built Payment Page to be as simple as possible to set up and accept payments as quickly as possible. It only takes 60 seconds to start accepting payments with Payment Page if you already have a Stripe account set up. For PayPal, only 2-3 minutes.

The speed is optimized by our Quick Setup process, which puts you right in the driver’s seat to select your Template and connect your payment gateway in seconds. Templates are easily customized after import.

We streamlined the entire process of creating flexible payment options for your customers with different currencies, payment frequencies, and intelligent filters that only display the relevant plans for customers to select.

We prioritized having a wide variety of payment options because many other solutions only support one gateway and a limited number of options. Flexibility is key in a world where we have so many digital wallets, customers potentially around the world, and consumer preferences demand streamlined payment flows.

Because of some of these core tools, we believe Payment Page stands apart from the crowd.

What Payment Gateways are supported?

Stripe and PayPal are currently both supported. We have plans to integrate other payment gateways including 2Checkout, Square, SecurePay, WorldPay, Authorize.net, Braintree Coinbase Merchant, Metamask, and more. Vote for the gateway you want to see on our Roadmap.

What Stripe Payment Methods are supported?

These are the Stripe payment methods currently supported: Credit & Debit Cards, ACH via Plaid, SEPA Direct Debit, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay.

What PayPal Payment Methods are supported?

These are the PayPal payment methods currently supported: PayPal Standard Checkout, Credit & Debit Cards, Pay Later, Venmo, Bancontact, BLIK, eps, giropay, iDEAL, Mercado Pago, MyBank, PRzelewy24, and SOFORT.

Are recurring subscription payments supported?

Yes. The Personal Plan supports recurring subscription payments for Stripe, and PayPal is coming soon.

Are one-time payments supported?

Yes. The free version of the plugin supports one-time payments for an unlimited number of pricing plans.

What kind of pricing options can I offer my customers?

You can offer any plan you want! Payment Page is completely customizable and flexible for any kind of pricing plan you want to build, and if it’s not supported yet, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to add it.

You can accept recurring subscription payments and one-time payments in any currency supported by your payment gateway. You can also let customers enter their own invoice or donation amounts for total control. They’ll even be able to choose to make it a recurring payment if they want to.

Can I receive custom payment amounts for invoices or other one-off payments?

Yes. In the Free Plan, a custom amount field is automatically displayed when any of your pricing plans don’t have a price entered into them. This allows the customer to enter the amount they want to pay on the frontend of the form.

Read about Custom Payment Amounts in our Documentation.

Are custom form fields supported?

Absolutely. You can add custom form fields in the Personal Plan. The data in these fields will get stored in the Stripe metadata for that Payment.

Can I prefill form fields automatically?

Yes. When on the PRO plan, you can utilize Query String Parameters to automatically prefill all of your form fields, including custom fields. Query strings that match your custom fields’ labels will be matched to those fields. Unmatched query strings will be passed to HTTP Requests as well as Stripe metadata fields.

Read more about pre filling form fields in our Documentation.

What page builders are supported?

Currently, Payment Page has an Elementor widget that you can drag and drop your form into any Elementor page. Elementor is a lightweight page builder that doesn’t dominate your website, and it can simply be installed in the background in order to use Payment Page on a single Elementor-based page.

We recognize that Elementor isn’t the only player, so we are planning support for Gutenberg Blocks, Divi, and potentially other major builders. Contact us or vote on our Roadmap, as it will make a big impact as to what is prioritized in our development pipeline.

Can I send confirmation emails when a payment is received?

The email confirmation functionality is in BETA, so please reach out to us if you would like enabled. We are building features based on demand.

How can I make feature requests or see your product development roadmap?

Vote for new features or make requests on our Roadmap.

Can I create automations based on payments?

Yes. We’ve included the ability to send HTTP Requests including all form fields (except sensitive payment details), as well as query string parameters that are submitted on the page.

By connecting this HTTP Request to an external URL endpoint – either one you code and build yourself or a service like Zapier – you can automate any process you want.

Currently, HTTP requests are only supported for Stripe payment methods, as the verification flow for PayPal is more complex. Contact us if you need the PayPal HTTP Requests to be enabled.

Does Payment Page charge any additional fees on my payments through Stripe or PayPal?

The Free version of Payment Page charges a small 2% fee on Stripe payments, and no fees on PayPal payments.The purpose of this fee is to help us continue providing great features and updates for the plugin to the community.

To remove the fee and get access to tons of other great features, like recurring subscription payments, automations, and more, please see our upgrade options.

Where can I get support or submit bug reports?

The Payment Page Documentation is the best place to learn about Payment Page. You can also submit a ticket to the team.

Where can I see your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions?

Here are links to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.


February 9, 2024
I had a format issue, which turned out to be a conflict with another plugin, and submitted a request for help on the forum. In no time at all I received a reply with a code to try. And Bob’s your Uncle, or Sally’s your Aunt, it worked. Not only is the plugin incredible useful, the backup assistance is superb.Highly recommended on all fronts.
November 21, 2023
This was just what I needed to set up my business and the customer service was great, recommended!
February 9, 2023
Brandon was very willing to make a call at short notice and help me out with setting up an aspect of my payment page, that was important to me and even threw in a tip or two. Please don’t hesitate to call him if you need him. Prompt service is key to me.
Read all 21 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Payment Page | Best Payment Plugin for Stripe & PayPal” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Code formatting improvements.
  • Update Freemius SDK.


  • Updates to formatting of payment confirmation emails.
  • Fixes to non-decimal currencies charging incorrectly.
  • Update Freemius SDK.


  • Update Freemius SDK.


  • Improved the methods for storing Stripe and PayPal transaction details in the database.
  • Added Paypal transaction description to be from the pricing plan name.
  • Migration bugfix.
  • Decreased the size of a loading animation GIF to just 22kb.


  • Updated Freemius SDK to v2.4.5.


  • Added Payment Description field to show up properly in Stripe receipts (matches pricing name).
  • Ensured submit button automatically activates when all fields are automatically pre-filled.


  • Added polyfill function to properly handle webhooks.
  • Fix for database migration issues.


  • Implemented confirmation emails for Admin and Payer.
  • Implemented PayPal Webhooks to verify payments for Form Actions on Submit.
  • Updated Freemius SDK to v2.4.4.


  • Updates to custom actions on payment completion, which now includes the currently logged in user in the request.


  • Added the option to have a different first payment amount in a subscription.
  • Updates to the custom actions on payment completion.


  • Zip code field is now optional.
  • Added support for custom actions on payment completion.


  • Updated Quick Setup to be optional.
  • Switched order of Templates and Gateways tabs to make Templates more readily available.
  • Enabled Demo mode on the payment form to display without any gateways connected.
  • Made Custom Payment Amounts available in the free version.
  • Made all Stripe payment methods available in the free version, except ACH via Plaid.
  • Added Stripe platform fee in free version.


  • Fix to German translation of SEPA mandate.
  • You can now prefill form fields with query string parameters.
  • Added Action for sending HTTP request of form data to external URL.


  • SEPA mandate translated to German.
  • Better error handling for PayPal.

  • Fix to PayPal integration where PayPal could not be disabled in some cases.
  • Fix to Payment Method tabs not appearing in Free version with China Payments Plugin enabled.
  • Improvements to settings layout.


  • Update to Features Notifications section so you can more easily stay up to date when we release new features.


  • Added PayPal Standard Integration! You can now accept one-time PayPal payments with the standard checkout flow that requires logging into a PayPal account.
  • Added Stripe Payment Methods Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Pay.
  • The Stripe + Plaid integration is now supported for ACH transactions. Register a Plaid account and utilize Stripe to allow customers to seamlessly make ACH payments with US-based bank accounts.
  • Custom form fields are now supported.
  • Form fields can now be reordered.
  • Desktop and mobile width settings are now available for form fields.


  • Added Stripe Payment Methods SEPA Direct Debit, WeChat Pay, and Alipay.
  • Tons of styling improvements and updates to the payment form.
  • Added Tabs and Payment Buttons mechanisms – now the payment form supports multiple payment options.
  • Stripe account name now appears next to TEST/LIVE switcher after connecting.
  • TEST/LIVE mode button added to WP-Admin bar.
  • All 10 templates have had a huge makeover!
  • SCA integration 100% implemented.
  • We now show a little ‘Payment Page’ label next to each page where a payment form is detected.
  • Error message added if no gateway is connected.
  • Added integration with China Payments Plugin.


  • Refactored Elementor payment form widget to vanilla JS/CSS.
  • Stripe now fully attaches customer details for one-time and recurring payments.
  • Decimal issues for various currencies have been fully resolved.
  • Improving the validation for multiple pricing plans being selected in the Elementor Widget.


  • New First Time UX and Settings area.
  • Major rebuild of Stripe Connect API.
  • Fixes to Stripe Connect Onboarding.
  • Templates are now cached for retrieval once every hour instead of being loaded each time they are accessed.

  • Bugfix where payment form wasn’t rendering properly in some cases.


  • Major styling fixes to the payment form.


  • Bug-fixes for opt-in form
  • Fixed redirection issue
  • Fixed filters not appearing in some cases
  • Fixed WP Admin styling components (typography conflict)


  • Added custom payment amounts
  • Prepared for AppSumo launch!


  • Fixed subscriptions issue
  • Updated and prepared for AppSumo launch!


  • Major bug fixes to Elementor Widget and Setup Wizard.


  • Our first version! Woo-hoo!