Tripetto – A full WordPress form plugin for smart forms and surveys


Just another form builder? No, not at all!

Use Tripetto to do it all just a bit better, without a single line of code. All inside your own WP Admin. No third-party account needed, not even a Tripetto account. GDPR proof.

🧐 What makes Tripetto different?

💡 Let’s start with the visual form builder to easily create your forms and surveys. Ideal for small forms, but even when you need advanced logic, your form structure stays understandable and maintainable. And with the realtime preview you always see what you’re working on.

💡 While building your form, choose how you want to present it in your WP site: in a more traditional way like a contact form, or a conversational way where each question gets the attention it deserves, one by one. It’s up to you. And with the theming options you can style your form/survey to match the design of your site.

💡 Implement your form in your WP site with the shortcode we provide. That’s it!

💁 Let us help you get going

👷 Easily build your forms

  • Visual form building on a drawing board, unlike any other form builder;
  • All question types you need. See FAQ section below for the full list;
  • Advanced logic, but easy to use;
  • Realtime preview while building you form.

🖥️ Show your forms how you want

  • Deploy forms and surveys to your WP site with a shortcode;
  • Choose between a standard and conversational way to collect;
  • Style your forms;
  • Fullscreen overlay option.

🛡️ Handle responses safely

  • Responses are stored in your own WordPress install only (no third-party);
  • View and manage results inside your WP Admin;
  • Export to CSV;
  • Automated email and Slack notifications after form completion;
  • Zapier integration for connecting to 1.500+ apps.

👑 Premium features

Upgrade the Tripetto WordPress plugin to greatly enhance all your forms and surveys.
Premium license includes:
– Theming and styling;
– Custom goodbye page;
– Remove Tripetto branding;
– Slack notifications;
– Zapier integration;
– Updates and support.

👉 Get your Premium license today!

Always FREE for one form

All standard and premium features will be completely FREE for one form or survey of your choosing. Upgrade to premium to get the premium features for your other creations.

🎁 Free premium license for giving feedback

We’ll give you a FREE one year premium license if you share your honest feedback with us. Just install, activate and use the plugin. Then click the link on the Tripetto dashboard in your WP Admin to open the feedback form.

We will send you a premium license by email shortly after you submit your feedback. Many thanks in advance for helping us get better!

🔔 Stay up-to-date


  • Demo of a form in a conversational presentation, showing questions one by one
  • Demo of a form in a conversational presentation, showing questions one by one
  • Demo of a form in a standard presentation, ideal for small forms (like contact forms)
  • Demo of the visual form builder, with easy to use logic
  • Screenshot of the visual form builder in WP Admin, with the realtime form preview
  • Example of a Support form, embedded in a WP site
  • Example of a BBQ Invitation form, embedded in a WP site
  • Example of a Product Evaluation form, embedded in a WP site


👉 Install Tripetto via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server;

👉 Activate the plugin through the Plugins page in your WP Admin;

👉 Navigate to the Tripetto tab at the bottom of your WP Admin menu.

You can make as many forms as you’d like in the free version. The free version also contains all the premium features for one form of your choosing.

👑 Get your Premium License to upgrade all your forms!


Can I use Tripetto for free?

Yes, you can! You can make as many forms as you’d like in the free version. The free version also contains all the premium features for one form of your choosing.

Which question types are included?

Input blocks
Tripetto naturally supports all the commonly used form question types (i.e. building blocks).
– Static Text (paragraph, quote);
– Standard text fields (single and multiple lines);
– Dedicated text fields (email, number, password, URL);
– Dropdown;
– Radiobuttons;
– Multiple checkboxes;
– Single checkbox;
– Multiple choice;
– Rating;
– Yes/No;
– File Upload;
– Matrix.

Action blocks
Enhance your forms with powerful action blocks to perform smart tasks in the background.
– Mailer – More info;
– Hidden field – More info.

Condition blocks
Make forms smart by intelligently and automatically directing flows with dynamic condition blocks.
– Device Size.

How do I embed forms in my WP site?

Embedding works with a shortcode which you can add at any desired place on a page in your WP project. Read our instructions for more information about the shortcode.

How do I upgrade to premium?

There are a few scenarios to upgrade. Generally, you need to take the following steps:
– You need a zip package with the premium version and your personal license key. After purchasing, you can find these in Freemius (our upgrade partner) and/or in your email;
– Purchase the upgrade via our website, or your WP Admin menu;
– Upload, install and activate the zip package in your WP Admin. Enter the license key to activate.

Can I request new features, like specific additional question types?

Yes, of course. We’d love to hear what you think we should add to make Tripetto better. Please drop us a line.

Can I contribute to the plugin?

Yes, you can. This plugin is open source. You can find the code on Gitlab. We are always open for merge requests.

Can I implement the form builder in my own software?

Indeed you can! We provide a full SDK to implement the form builder into your own software. Check the SDK page on our website for all information and documentation (pricing may apply to implement the editor).


May 31, 2020
All pro survey features for free and the pro plan with affrodable price. Try it!
May 26, 2020
This is the only plugin I've found that actually does survey type forms properly, easily and with your own custom logic flow for each question (if needed). There are tons of plugins that let you create forms, and then they claim you can use it for surveys, which I guess you could, but they're not really useful - Tripetto is the only plugin that actually does it like it should be done!
May 26, 2020
Just discovered it and used it immediately for a client to do a member survey in corona times. Adding the conditional logic and the conversational style is wonderful for online forms. And hopefully not restricted in time. Highly recommended to try out. I tried Studio and the plugin. Suggestion: create a nice way of presenting the collected data, or are there connectable services?
May 24, 2020
is a great plugin, muy similar a una conversación humana y eso permite al usuario final sentirse bien atendido.
May 22, 2020
Ditch what you're using. If you're not using Tripetto, you're losing valuable form submission from your customers because your form is too complicated. The form builder is a little bit complicated right now but it's so powerful. All you need is to invest 10 minutes into playing with it (and I say 'playing' because it's actually fun) and you'll be rewarded with the best form building experience on WordPress (and off WordPress as well). Custom styling is limited when I wrote this review but I'm sure that they'll be upgrading it. The free version is very generous (in fact you get a premium form for free) and if you switch to premium, it's well worth it. The support is quick and friendly. Love it.
May 17, 2020
Pros: Interactive. Flow of questions. All possible input types. Look and Feel. Cons: Leaving this part for users as this really depends on one's own requirements and their expectation at very first use of the plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“Tripetto – A full WordPress form plugin for smart forms and surveys” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



+ New feature
* Change or bugfix
- Deprecated or removed feature

* Fixed a bug where large data entries could not be saved to the database

* Fixed a bug in the hidden field block

* Fixed a bug in the markdown parser
* Fixed a bug where the collector sometimes didn’t load on certain pages
* Fixed a bug where Wordfence mistakenly thought a script was malicious

* Fixed a bug where the plugin would not work with MySQL version 5.5 (or older)

* Fixed a bug where the wrong plugin directory was used

* Removed jQuery dependency

* Fixed issue #77 (
* Fixed a bug in the file upload handling

+ Added a brand new collector with a standard UI based on Bootstrap (for those who want to create a more traditional form)
+ Added a toggle to the header bar in the edit screen to switch between the Rolling UI or the new Standard UI
+ Added a toggle to the header bar in the edit screen to switch between edit mode and test mode (in edit mode all blocks are displayed in the preview pane, test mode runs the form with all logic enabled so you can test it)
+ Added edit buttons in the preview pane to quickly open the properties of a block
+ Automatically scroll blocks into view when they are edited
* Improved the header bar in the editor screen to incorporate all the new options (moved the device toggle buttons to a separate dropdown)
* Improved the shortcode so it is not necessarry anymore to specify a height for the form (you still can specify a fixed height if you want)
* Fixed a bug that caused problems when 2 or more forms were placed on the same page
* Installed the latest and greatest version of the Rolling UI collector

* Fixed a bug with the sender’s name in email notifications (#76)

+ Added an option to generate random values with the hidden field block
+ Added the option to align the first block of the collector at the top instead of the center of the screen
* Moved some collector options (navigation bar, enumerators, etc.) to the styles section of the settings panel
* Upgraded to a new version of the rolling collector with improved performance and also some bug fixes

+ Added hidden field block (this allows the use of hidden fields in forms and also logic based on the value of those hidden fields)

+ Added the option to include the form data in confirmation mails
+ Added the “Send an email”-block to send emails from within forms
* Fixed bug in the editor position when WP menu is collapsed
* Fixed a bug in keyboard navigation in the collector
* Fixed a bug where focus sometimes was set on the wrong field in the settings panel of the editor

+ Added multiple checkboxes block
+ Added radiobuttons block
+ Added the possibility to hide the title of a block
* Fixed problem with the style of the checkbox block
* Renamed Next button to Ok button

+ Added single checkbox block
+ Added ability to change the labels of the Next and Complete buttons in the form style panel
+ Added uninstall script to remove the data tables when the plugin is deleted
* Automatically make blocks required when the required feature is enabled (this saves an additional click by the user)
* Fixed a bug in the positioning of the empty message of the collector

+ Confirmation dialogs when a form or entry is about to be deleted
* Fixed a bug in the Zapier-integration
* Unlocked all premium functionality for one form without the need of having a paid license

+ Initial release in WordPress Plugin Directory