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Products and Variations Visibility PRO For WooCommerce

Products and Variations Visibility PRO For WooCommerce


Products and Variations Visibility plugin for WooCommerce enables you to optimize product visibility with flexible rules.
You can choose to display or hide products based on multiple criteria, such as user roles, product name/ID, categories, stock level, attributes, tags, and more.

  • Display seasonal products during specific date ranges
  • Show products during specific times of day
  • Hide products with low stock
  • Display products to B2B customers only
  • Hide product variations from selected user roles
  • Hide chosen products from guests
  • Allow or disallow search engines to index products

These are only a few examples of possible use cases and they are only limited by your imagination and requirement.
In case it is not enough, then feel free to Contact Us and we will find a way to meet your requirements.

The free version of the plugin includes the following features:

  • Create unlimited advanced rules
  • Enable/disable selected visibility rules
  • Define an order in which visibility rules will be applied
  • Stacking of rules
  • Name each visibility rule
  • Control visibility of products in selected catalogs
  • Control visibility of product variations
  • Control visibility of products by name/ID
  • Control visibility of products by type
  • Control visibility of products by category
  • Control visibility of products on backorder
  • Control visibility of products on sale

The PRO version of the plugin adds the following features:

  • Hide or display products when accessed by URL
  • Allow or disallow indexing by search engines
  • Control visibility of products by attribute values
  • Control visibility of products by shipping classes
  • Control visibility of products with specified tags
  • Control visibility of products by taxonomy values
  • Control visibility of products for selected user roles
  • Hide products that are low in stock or below a given threshold
  • Hide or display products in a specified date or time range

Try the PRO version of Products and Variations Visibility for WooCommerce and take your product visibility control to the next level.
With advanced rules and conditions, you can hide or display products based on flexible rules.

You can also manage the visibility of matched and not matched products in the catalogue, hide product variations that match certain conditions from the product page, and hide or show products and variations by user role.
Additionally, you can completely hide products from being accessed via URL or visible in a catalogue for all excluding particular user roles.

Advanced visibility rules enable you to achieve complex scenarios.

* You can add a rule to hide all the products in a selected category, and then add another rule which will display selected products.
* You can also define visibility for both matched and not matched products at the same time, which will enable you to achieve complex products or variations visibility scenarios.
* Find multiple conditions that have to be matched for the visibility rule to be applied, such as hiding simple products from a selected category, with a specific attribute, tag, and shipping class.

Use Cases

Hide Products with Low Stock:
This allows you to hide products that have a low stock level, ensuring that the customer experience is not affected by the lack of availability of these items.

Display Seasonal Products in the Specified Date Range:
You can use this feature to display seasonal products in the specified date range and not have to worry about them being visible any other time.

Display Different Products Depending on the Time of the Day:
This feature enables you to display different products depending on the time of the day. This can be used to target customers at different times of the day or to display different items for different occasions.

Display Products or Variations Only to B2B Customers:
This can be useful for businesses that want to offer different products or variations to their B2B customers.

Hide Certain Product Variations from Selected User Roles:
If you don’t want certain user roles to see certain product variations, you can use this feature to hide them.

Hide Chosen Products from Guests:
If you want to hide some of your products from guests, you can use this feature to do so.

Allow or Disallow to Index Products by Google:
You can use this feature to specify which of your products should be indexed by Google and which should not. This can be useful for SEO purposes.




  1. Go to WordPress -> Plugins -> Add New
  2. Hit Upload Plugin button
  3. Hit Choose File button and select zip file with the plugin
  4. Hit Install Now button
  5. Hit Activate link
  6. Installation complete


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  • Updated compatibility


  • Updated compatibility


  • Added support for “Improved Product Options for WooCommerce” and other plugins.
  • Added ability to control visibility of disabled variations (with unchecked Enabled checkbox) to PRO version.


  • Updated compatibility


  • Upgraded to the most recent versions of dependent libraries to enhance overall functionality and performance.


  • Fixed ability to control caching for the Products condition.


  • Initial release.