SX User Name Security


WordPress show your WordPress login and ID in several places. It’s time to fix this !

  • WordPress automaticaly uses “User login” to fill in the “User Display Name”.
  • WordPress also allows everyone to use the same value for Nickname, Display Name and Login.
  • The body_class function also shows to everyone your User ID and Login on author pages.

A hacker can easily see then use your “NickName” or “Display Name” to find your real login. Once activated, SX User Name Security will prevent WordPress from showing those informations.


Body_class function :

  • Removes User ID from body_class function (author pages)
  • Removes User Nicename from body_class function (author pages)

User informations :

  • The plugin changes “Display Name” and “Nickname” to a random value (like ‘Ticibe T. Aduvoguripe’, ‘Lagubo N. Agigerovibe’ or ‘Datela N. Orejadavino’) if they are equal to user login
  • If not, it changes “Display Name” to “Nickname” or “Nickname” to “Display Name” if one of them is equal to user login

New Registration :

  • Display Name and Nickname are changed to random value during user registration.
  • Nicename is also changed (it’s used to generate the user permalink on the front-end). For previous user, a notice has been added to use another plugin to safely change old nicenames. 😉

All functions are translated into french and english.

You can find me here on SeoMix, and here is the official french post about this plugin


  • "SX User Name Security" hides your author nicename and ID (body_class function).
  • When a user Nickname or Display Name are equals to Login, the plugin uses a random value instead.
  • During registration, WordPress won't use the same Display Name and Login for new users : "SX User Name Security" uses a random value.
  • An administrator is able to secure all users at once


Upload and activate the plugin.

A notice and a button will be displayed to handle all users in order to hide their logins. Then, SX User Name Security will prevent WordPress from ever showing login and ID informations.


Do I need to do anything else for this to work?

Yes : just visit the admin user page to see if you have to modify some of your users.

It’s also better to use SF Author URL Control ( combined with this plugin to also change current author permalinks (in order to hide login information).


November 14, 2018 1 reply
New chains, came shackles. Very annoying solution. This remedy is almost worse than the disease.
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Contributors & Developers

“SX User Name Security” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2020/09/21 – v.2.3.2

  • Required version bumped to 4.6
  • Updated plugin text domain

2017/11 – v.2.3.1

  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9
  • Improving warning information on admin pages
  • Code cleaning


  • Major fix for the “fix username” button : it will no longer generate 404 error pages (but people will still be able to guess your real login with your author URL).
  • Add a column in the admin user list showing “Display Name” for every user.
  • Add a better explanation about the “Fix Username” button.


  • Minor fix for the admin profil URL link.


  • Add a button (JS only) to handle all users created before the plugin installation.
  • Code improvements


  • Code improvement
  • Bug fixes (in some cases, user “Display Name” and “Login” were not modified)
  • Now an administrator can also trigger every function by saving a user (you don’t have to wait every user to log-in)
  • New alerts (admin notices)


  • first release